Karnala was a peaceful place.

To the east lay the sprawling metropolis of Relaya, ruled by a race of Astral beings Reylaya ruled a vast empire that sprawled much of Karnala with footholds forming in nearby realms and trade and wars of conquest between through the realmgates.

then 3000 years ago the Celestiants came a huge silver rift opened above the city of gold and bronze and in the roaring firestorm of released energy Relayas miles of metropolis and advanced civilisation was wiped out, the shining city became the twisted plane.

a vast desert of metal and glass with a warped malformed arch at its centre.

through this gate walked the Celestiants huge being in armoured form, as one unique and similar, they strode forward and spread about the land, their acts seemingly random.

They sowed life in areas made fallow by industry, slayed many of the predatory levathans and Kaiju that had no equal, but seemingly annihilated villiages and cities to the last man, gave weapons and artifacts to both noble knights and criminal gangs.

with the giants marched countless metal constructs varying from small workers who constructed vast temple like structures, soldier sized arriors equipped with exotic halbreds that spat poison, lightning and fire at any who dared interfere with their seemingly random missions.

The Celestiants had annihilated the empire in one still hotly argued accident or deliberate strike. their reasoning was seemingly random but at the same time before the races of Karnala stood huge godlike beings who were present where many gods were not.

100 years after their arrival the Celestiants numbers started to fluctuate as they left and returned through the gates in the twisted plane. several would leave for years and new Celestiants would arrive, some taking seats on the side of mountains or within the structures their constructs had built, some simply stopped still for centuries.

soon religions began to spring up around the Celestiants who remained on Karnala the cults and religions sprang up around the major Celestiants who regularly returned to the realm. Major Celestiants are as follows:
Valcruk, the God of the Forge, located deep in the mountainous volcano fields to the north Valcruk labours over a device called the star forge where he churns out hundreds of constructs at a time or legendary weapons his emmisaries either hide or issue to truly worthy champions.

Malgarus, God of Destruction, Malgarus resides beneath the southern seas in the shattered isle, during the time of the Arrival Malgarus travelled to the island continent with one blow of his fist the island was broken along faultlines its people fleeing into the sea. Malgarus servants and constructs built a vast citadel in the centre which travels deep below the waves, he is held responsible for tidal waves and large earthquakes and will often walk to destroy cities and villages, seemingly using them to test new constructs and amalgams he has created.

Vicstra, Goddess of Good fortune, Vicstra walks the world and is responsble for the increased numbers of many races, such as the Oreod who inhabit the city of gems in the western mountain ranges, she will sometimes visit pregnant women and her gaze will imbue a fragment of elemental magic similar to Djinn or outsider half breeds.

Radrak the wanderer, unusual compared to others of his kind he is clad in ragged robes like materials and wanders seemingly at random across the eastern deserts, the nomads of the area have built a small city on his back, the Celestiants seems to not mind the city it is considered the safest place in the desert, as understandably raiders do not wish to engage a armoured giant with seemingly infinite magical power the size of a mountain.

Artrus and Dianasa. God of the Hunt and Goddess of Monsters, Artrus and Dianasa are found deep in the valleys of the central wooded area of the main continent of Karnala, Artrus seems to spread life to both animals and crops where he has passed game population blooms and fruits increase in both size and number, Dianasa is also a diety of life but she seems to create more magical monsters and plants, where she walks soon a monster may apear of great size and ravenous hunger, packs of Wolves becoming Direwolves, willows becoming hanging trees.

Umbra the God of healing, one of the Celestianta who re sowed life to the field his gaze can heal many wounds and even return the dead to life, he is hard to find however seemingly teleporting across the realm to areas he can grant life to and engaging Malgrus and Mortrams actions.

Mortram God of Death, Mortram resides deep in the caverns below the southern grey peaks, his servants and constructs are an amalgram of flesh and metal, when he is abroad during the yearly lunar alignments where he walks spirits and undead rising in his wake, the lunar alignment is not just when he is not in his lair, often he will sometimes randomly leave his lair appearing at the centre of a black storm of death and reasurrection that it is unclear if he is summoned and what his motives are.

Celan the Goddess of the Sun, Celan is rarely seen on the earth, she is one of a few who are almost permanently in the sky, during daylight hours she can be seen flying across the sky, her gaze can been seen crossing the land, it is said that her gaze brings retribution and any evildoers who fall under it may soon find a lightning bolt striking amongst them.

Larun the God of the moon, like Celan, Larun is seen in the night sky often highlighted against the Primary moon of Karnala, however during new moons he will sometimes be seen returning to the lunar fortress at the top of the tallest white peak mountain it is unclear if this is because he gains his power from the moons of Karnala but if one of the four moons is undergoing a new moon phase it is a good chance his purple winged form will be seen flying towards white peak.

Infer the Firestorm, Considered a god of fire Infer is considered a living firestorm, where he walks the ground is scorched a firestorm burns from his flesh that can vary from a small increase in heat to a storm of scorching ash and fire that flash ignites any dry tinder for miles and turns rocks and ores to liquid magma even people to dry ash statues, he is usually seen marching across Karnalas blood red 3rd moon but will march across the realm seemingly randomly, heralded by a hot wind smelling of cinder and ash may be the only warning before a cinder storm crests the horizon.

Frasta Goddess of ice, scene on the surface of the blue 2nd moon of Karnala Frasta is a living blizzard her tread brinks freezing tmperatures and a storm of ice daggers, when she walks on the plane mountain passes can be snowed closed mid summer, harvests can wither with a sudden snap.

Aqeus God of the Water, rising from the waves the sight of this creature is considered good luck on your journey but for his gaze to grace your ship is a sign of bad luck, like some others he takes a seemingly active role in the races actions and defence, when a Kaiju or Leviathan travels towards the continents from the harsh black sea, Aqeus sometimes arrive rising from the deep to kill the beast or turn it back from whatever city it sought to make prey of, though Aqeus sometimes floods a river or drives a wave towards a coastal town appearing before unleashing his fury in th form of a wave or a horde of his constructs.

Other religeons exist in the realm of Karnala but with the Celestiants being present figures they are the dominant religeon even if their reasons are not known to the races, some cults rising and falling in power as Celestiants go dormant or leave and return to the realm.

Another fact of life now is the Vaults, scattered across Karnala are vauls containing items created by the Celestiants, these dungeaons often appear as a single doorway built in an intricatly carved room, the door responds to many humanoids but opens to reveal a vaast complex filled with traps and constructs, its believed the Celestiants designed the vaults to test worthy candidates for the item within with dungeons tending to be tailored in regards to the item contained within.

Many adventurers are in face “Vaultchasers” looking for tales of the latest vault chasers and how to find these vaults or rushing to get into the latest vaultfalls, seeking to gain the treasures inside for use or for sale.


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